Feedback Poster

Get your copy of our Feedback Can Be A Choking Hazard poster

Feedback Worksheet

Step-by-step instructions to unpack and deliver tough feedback

Intention Setting Worksheet

Reflect on your past year and set intentions for the new one

Getting Feedback From a Group

A framework for soliciting real-time feedback from a group you trust

Self-Driven Review

Get in the driver’s seat of your own performance review

Meeting Maker

Facilitate meetings that engage participants and achieve your goals

1:1 Check-in Agenda

For managers and direct reports to refresh their weekly one-on-ones

User Manual

Fill this out to learn what makes you and the rest of your team tick

Preparing for Time Off

Figure out the nuts and bolts of who's on while you're off

De-Escalation Flowchart

What to do if you witness unwanted or unwelcome behavior

Debriefing Facilitation Guide

A robust overview of how to lead groups to learn from accidents

Mid-Year Reflection Worksheet

Reflect on the first 6 months and set intentions for the rest of the year

Additional Resources

In addition to creating our own content, we also thoughtfully curate the overwhelming number of resources that exist out there. Let us read the books, synthesize concepts and share the highlights with you.

  • Morgan has written articles on all sorts of topics, like how to facilitate online meetings that don’t suck, and why feedback can save the world.

  • Want something more long form? See what we’re reading and check out our book recommendations on Bookshop.