Business Casual is an organizational design company.

We provide a set of containers—think of them as psychological Tupperware—to help you organize and move through the tough stuff at work. Our containers are durable enough to withstand the most heated conversations, and are flexible when necessary.

On the road to profit it’s easy to exploit yourself or others. We have all experienced workplaces that made us feel used, confused or even unsafe – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Business Casual works with non-traditional business people and organizations that want to move beyond the scarcity mindset that is intertwined with capitalism. Elevating marginalized voices is our priority and we seek clients with whom this resonates. Our programs build competence, not dependance, by unearthing inherent expertise to lead with integrity, rather than relying on external authority or outdated precedent. We believe that business can be a creative, inclusive force that creates value for many, not just wealth for a few.

Our mission is to bring people toward each other and prompt creative responses to the inevitable challenges of working together. We help values-driven organizations and individuals navigate the complexities of leadership. The blueprints we offer lay the groundwork for human-centered operating systems to support your business, your people and your mission. Read about our guiding values here.

About Morgan Evans

Morgan Evans, Founder

I am a mediator, facilitator and a queer person with a Masters in Organizational Change Management. I founded Business Casual because organizations don’t work beautifully by default. After years of working with businesses of all shapes and sizes (on the inside as a salaried employee and as a consultant on the outside looking in) it has become painfully clear to me that traditional HR infrastructure just isn’t up to the job. Whether it’s a restaurant trying to create an inclusive and collaborative culture in a traditionally toxic industry, a start-up committed to scaling its product without grinding its employees to a pulp, or an agency working actively to put money directly in the hands of the local creative economy instead of extracting from it, I am deeply familiar with the kind of support that entrepreneurs fighting the status quo really need.

Every small business owner I talk to thinks they’re in it alone, but they’re not. I’ve found that my calling is to bring people together and create structures that connect the dots between theory and practice. I explore this with my drawing and writing, where I put my thoughts out there in an effort to make complex concepts accessible and connect with others in the process.

I started a company to create a place where people can work differently, together. Business Casual’s slightly tongue-in-cheek name takes aim at the outdated and gendered norms that we aim to deconstruct. I believe that a better world is possible, and that building businesses that work better will pave the way there.

Our Team

Business Casual has a collaborative network of facilitators, business professionals and community-builders.

We are growing and we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to get involved!

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