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We provide small businesses with scaffolding for real-talk.

We’re here to help you navigate the sticky, human parts of work that are hard to wrap your head around. Stuff like:

Giving feedback

Navigating conflict

Creating policies that work for people

Setting clear expectations

Learning from mistakes

Our clients come away with people-centered processes that enable their companies to evolve with integrity.


We work closely with leaders to provide structure and support for running a business that works differently, and more humanely, than the world around you.


Join our radical manager training program for leaders or our skill-building support network for queer entrepreneurs


Hire us as consultants to provide holistic support for your business


Bring us in to facilitate a workshop for your staff that breaks the mold


Check out our templates and road maps for structuring stellar communication at work

Testimonials & Kind Words

Here’s what people have to say about working with us...

From addressing the challenges of remote work, to navigating through organizational changes, Business Casual’s support has remained relevant and insightful at every turn. The impact on our studio's growth trajectory has been immeasurable. The wisdom shared and the culture they championed have all played a pivotal role in propelling us into a thriving team. As we look to the future, we're confident that Business Casual will continue to be an integral part of our ongoing success story.

Emily IsenbergFounder and Creative Director, Isenberg Projects

Business Casual is a gift. They supported me in navigating a complex internal conflict. Because of their guidance, I can say with confidence that the beautiful way I was able to resolve that situation is the biggest accomplishment of my career. Their work is the essential support you didn't even know you needed.

Cari SekunderPrincipal, Butter Studio

I never thought of myself as a business person – so when I started one (several, actually) I was lost. Morgan makes the complex, emotional work of leadership both easily digestible and totally beautiful. Business Casual turned our company into a team, teaching us how to delegate with sensitivity and clarity, and reminded us that we don’t have to forget that we’re human in the workplace, as long as we do it all with respect and intention.

Lena DunhamFounder and CEO, Good Thing Going

Morgan's skillset and caring, thoughtful presence has brought a feeling of calm and stability through the many hurdles we've faced as a small business. Business Casual provides nuanced tool-building exercises and growth-focused solutions that allow us to meet challenges head on while keeping care and human connection at the fore. 1000000% beyond what human resources should look and feel like!

Halo Perez-GallardoOwner, Lil Deb’s Oasis

Morgan is exceptionally patient, wise, experienced and level-headed. She comes to each session incredibly prepared and approaches each conversation with an open heart and mind. What I appreciated most was Morgan’s ability to give tangible, honest advice and feedback in a non-judgmental manner. Business Casual was an incredible partner as I navigated my founder and entrepreneurial journey.

Sheena ListerFounder, Barb

Being the sole owner of several businesses, I'm often on my own when it comes to making calls about growth, organization, and team dynamics. Business Casual provides more than just a sounding board—Morgan brings compassion, wisdom, and clarity to our conversations that help me steer my businesses with integrity while supporting me as a human being. I can't imagine a world without her guidance, and my relationship to work is undoubtedly healthier because of Business Casual.

Lauren FrielOwner, Rebel Rebel, Dear Annie and Wild Child

For the past 3 years, Business Casual has helped build the framework for the workplace culture at Lex – from hosting workshops to shaping employee reviews. Business Casual helps us all navigate the pebbly road that is working with others on something you believe in. Since 2020, we have set monthly hour long calls that help me stay grounded and open my mind to new ways of thinking about conflict or conversations. With Morgan at my side I am a stronger, more compassionate leader.

Kel RakowskiFounder, Lex

Morgan came into our company as an outsider and created a safe environment where my employees felt comfortable confronting an incredibly tough internal situation. After taking the time to work through these problems together, we’re in a stronger place as a team than we’ve ever been before. Morgan has a gift for putting people in a mindset where they can be open, honest, and tackle what feel like impossible situations. You honestly can’t put a price on the incredible work she does.

Jess WeberCEO and Creative Director, Co-sign

It’s been hugely helpful to have Business Casual as a part of our team over the last year, as we experience a period of significant growth and change. Morgan brings a practiced degree of patience, introspection, and impartiality that encourages our team to share open, honest dialogue and productive cycles of feedback. She plays a very necessary role that we didn’t fully know we needed until she was with us, and then that need became abundantly, joyfully clear.

Erica Taylor HaskinsCo-Founder, Tinsel Experiential Design