Manager Study Hall is a community-building and professional development program for managers at values-driven small businesses.

Become the manager you wish to see in the world

Managing people is not intuitive, yet many of us find ourselves falling into management roles without any training or support. This workshop series offers a space for you to practice critical management skills and work through real-life challenges in the company of peers. You'll also get access to a robust curriculum of practical resources that you can use on the job right away. The emphasis is on integrating theory with practice so you can cultivate the skills needed to manage a business’s most important asset – its people.

Over the course of three months, you will build community in regular online group meetings and receive dynamic training on four key topics: boundary-setting, feedback, conflict management and facilitation. By incorporating wisdom from a broad range of disciplines (including business school, mediation, change management, coaching, restorative justice and anti-oppression facilitation), Manager Study Hall will sharpen your management skills and take your leadership to the next level.


We know you’re busy, so we’ve designed MSH to be flexible enough to integrate into your existing schedule. You can expect to spend 1-3 hours a week on Manager Study Hall-related activities (including online meetings, asynchronous activities, and reflection prompts). The heartbeat of the course is an online group session every other week (for a total of six meetings) during which we will talk about work, trade tips, learn new skills and tackle challenges. In between meetings, there will be other flexible invitations for you to engage with each other and with supporting resources, as well as additional opportunities for relationship-building over the duration of the course.


This program recognizes the large role that managers play in building company culture, and aims to support participants in developing a management practice that is effective and consistent, while being authentic to personal style and strongly rooted in company values. To that end, the curriculum covers management basics while also responding emergently to the needs of the group and the state of the world. Also, participation in this program will grant you access to a diverse network of colleagues that you can tap for ongoing support long after the end of the program.


The group will start meeting in September 2024 and we will meet every other week for a total of six sessions. The total cost of the program for individuals is $1,500. The corporate rate is $2,500 and we offer sliding scale and scholarship options which you can learn more about by emailing us at Click here to purchase your spot.

manager study hall's grounding principles

If you are looking for a genuine and non-stuffy manager training experience, this is it.